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Weight Loss Plateau – Change It Up

You think you have hit a weight loss plateau. All this time you have been literally working your butt off and eating right. You thought, wow, this is really gonna happen this time and the scale has shown quite a bit of change. Until now. The scale hasn’t budged for a week. What the heck has happened and how do you fix it?

This is called a weight loss plateau and it happens to everyone. Your body gets so used to what you are doing and what you are putting into it for fuel that it doesn’t see any way to reduce any more weight without some sort of change.

Ah ha! That is exactly what you need to do to get things rolling again. Change up your workout routine and introduce some new or different foods to jump start things again. There are a few pointers I would like to give you for overcoming a weight loss plateau.

For starters take another look at your long term goal. Is it possible that you are happy with the weight you are at right now or do you want to go ahead and get to that original goal weight? If you want to continue to that original goal weight then make sure you haven’t become a little relaxed about how much you are eating in relation to how much you are exercising. Sometimes you do have to reward yourself but if you have let those rewards get out of hand then you need to take stock of things and adjust them to restart your weight loss.

You could reassess you diet and cut out more calories. Cut out 200 calories per day if you can afford it. If you are already eating a 1200 calorie diet you probably do not have much wiggle room. You do not want to go below 1200 calories a day because you will not get all the nutrition you need from your diet and you will feel hungry all the time. If you feel hungry all the time you increase your chances of blowing it and all your effort will be wasted.

Another possibility is to workout longer and/or with more intensity. Changing the things you do when working out basically keeps your body guessing. This is called muscle confusion and if you work out for longer periods doing different moves then your body will burn more fat and calories because your body doesn’t know what you will do next.

Are you still taking the elevator instead of the stairs? Shame on you. Take those stairs up to your office or when you go to lunch. You could get quite the work out and burn those extra calories every time you go from floor to floor while you are at work. This should be a ‘no brainer people’. Doing things out of the ordinary will help you lose the weight you want to lose and will also help you overcome that weight loss plateau.

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